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Meet Wally! Wally is a Goffin Cockatoo who has been in longterm foster care with 1 of the volunteers for Last Chance at Life Rescue. He is about 10yrs old, and in great health, despite being a bit plucked. He does pluck his feathers when he is stressed or bored. Because this has become a habit for Wally he may always have a bald chest. He has left his legs and wings alone since being in foster ...
How I arrived: I was brought in by a Nice Samaritan At SDHS: I'm a attractive young lad and might make an excellent addition to your flock. If you have questions about me, please use my animal ID number Why I am the 1 for you: My Personality Color Code is Purple ; meaning I'm Happy - Go - Lucky...Carefree...Engaging...Adaptive...and Cheerful! Main color: Black Second color: Cream Weight: 1.8 Ag...
Hand fed tame cocktail, good pet , not bite, healthy bird, please serious buyers
Meet Picollo! Picollo is a Gold Capped conure who was relinquished to the Last Chance At Life Animal Rescue after his owner could no longer care for him. He is approx 5 yrs old. With proper care and diet they can live to be in their 40 s. Picollo had a traumatic injury to his right eye, it is permanently shut. This doesn t slow him down 1 bit! He is hand tame and readily steps up for anyone. He...
Meet George! George came to Last Chance At Life Animal Rescue when his owner could no longer take care of him. He is a total sweetheart, but like many amazon parrots, he can be picky about who he bonds with. So far, he has shown a preference for women, but doesn't completely dislike men either. George is a Mealy Amazon. He developed cataracts about 5yrs ago. We must move very slow around George...
Meet Neptune! Neptune is a Harlequin macaw. He came to the Last Chance at Life Animal Rescue from PEAC, where he was taken in from a foster who could no longer care for him and his brother. Neptune is 7-10yrs old, and in great health. He is at a hormonal stage in his life and needs to be the only bird. He becomes aggressive when he is around other birds. When he is alone he is a precious bird w...
Meet George II! George II came to Last Chance At Life Animal Rescue when his owner could no longer take care of him. He is a total sweetheart who really enjoys hanging out with people. George II is a Red Lored Amazon. It is very likely that George II lived with a conure at some point in his life. He makes a lot of conure sounds! George II is 40yrs old which puts him in middle age. Typical lifes...
PARROT BREEDING CAGES & NESTBOX. 8 individual cages .8'x15' total.Each cages 2' wide x 6' long x 5' high. English GAW wire, 2"x1" openings. Nestbox & food on one end, door on opposite end so you can use misters without getting food or nest wet. Also have some singles with no nestboxes and 4'x6'x5' 10g wire l"x3" openings. Temecula $150 ea or all $ .

Bird cage

Parakeet bird cage with food and water dishes
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