Hi all, still looking for some backyard play equipment - swing set, jungle gym, etc, for a very active three year old! Have a wonderful holiday season!
16-Dec-2018San Marcos, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Hi all, still looking for playground equipment for a very active three year old! Swing set, jungle gym, etc. Thanks KS, and have a wonderful holiday season!
14-Dec-2018San Marcos, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Need any kind of bunkbed for grandkids. Using air mattresses right now. Would like them to feel they have their own space. Thank you. God bless you.
5-Dec-2018Carlsbad, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Young woman in need of a bike not picky just functional as I don t have a car and need help getting around. I am about five foot six inches.
5-Dec-2018Carlsbad, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Have always wanted to learn one of these and don t have the funds to get one. If someone has any unwanted instrument that you would want to pass on to someone who would give it use please let me know!
25-Nov-2018San Marcos, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Happy Holidays everyone! I'm looking for a swing set, slide, jungle gym (separate or together) for my little grandson. He needs to get his yaya's out! Thanks!
9-Nov-2018Carlsbad, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Looking for balls, snowflakes, tear drop, finial or onion shapes not characters. Thanks
27-Oct-2018Encinitas, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
Needing wood branches to cut and create wood carved hand stamps for senior printmaking class. 1-3 branches from a tree trip would be great.
27-Oct-2018Carlsbad, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Looking for unpainted 24 inch plain wooden bar stool
20-Oct-2018Fallbrook, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
My son is looking to put together a fish tank. Any supplies or decorations would be appreciated. Thanks.
just adopted a 10 week old male tabby...I only have a litter box. would love some kitty stuff
Hi, looking for an electric kiln that will do high fire. Thanks!
Living in a motel room is so expensive. Maybe someone can donate to kiwish